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SEO Methodology: Methods to Our Madness

First, we identify goals

A good search engine optimization strategy starts with defining goals. What results to you expect? What steps must be taken to achieve the goals? Does your website offer the information, products and services required to connect the dots between a Google search and a sale?

Then, we trim the fat

In line with your goals, we trim the fat on your website and eliminate anything that could be seen as a distraction or obstacle. We focus on the user, and clear a path for them to find what they've come searching for and easily connect with you. Over the years we've researched what works, and confidently separate myth from fact. We can (and will) prove that our recommendations will produce results.

Next, we do our magic

True search engine optimization starts with golden, quality content. We continually optimize your website content making it as Google-friendly as possible. We apply proven SEO tactics that have delivered results for hundreds of other clients. Some of our SEO tactics are no secret, and in most cases disclosed by Google to be best-practice solutions. Other tactics are our own proprietary solutions that we keep under lock and key.

Lastly, we measure results, analyze performance, repeat

SEO never ends. Existing pages need to be re-optimized from time to time, and new pages must be deployed using strategies proven to work for the rest. Over time, we aim for lowering bounce-rates and increasing conversion rates for all the websites in our basket.