What Does Hosting Means to Us?


The Ability to Support What We Sell

There are dozens of reasons why your web designer should host your website. The most important is support. It's important to us, and our clients, that there's only one number to call if updates are required, or issues need to be resolved. No finger-pointing here. We like being accountable. We like to service what we sell. Wherever possible, we eliminate the need for 3rd party service providers so that our clients may rely solely on us, 100%.

Hands-On Security

A big problem with shared hosting environments, commonly offered by high-volume hosts like GoDaddy, is security. Websites residing on a web server are like people occupying a room. The more people confined to a single room, the higher the risk. Breathing room and free space become limited, odds of contracting flu bugs and infections increase ,and ultimately one bad apple can spoil the bunch. With our dedicated hosting solutions backed by Rackspace support, our server security is top-notch. If you're not placed on a dedicated server, your neighbors are trusted clients of CreoLogic. We control the data flow, security, backups and monitoring to ensure harmony and optimal conditions at all times.

The Right Tools for the Job

Our hosting environment is configured to work with our tools. This helps us ensure your website technology plays nice with the hardware that supports it. It also enables us to develop and deploy website solutions faster than most.

Benefits of Hosting With CreoLogic

More Resources, More Options, Bigger Cloud Servers and the Best 24/7 Support

  • 100% Canadian datacenters, with flexible locations in Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC.
  • Trained, in-house support experts available to help 24/7.
  • Massive scalability and high reliability.
  • Advanced Security.
  • Defense-in-depth approach for multi-layer security.
  • Compliant, audited, and SSAE 16 SOC 2 type 2 certification.
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance.
  • Complete isolation and privacy.
  • Resource control and fast provisioning.
  • Flexible storage options.
  • Industry leading VMware virtualization.
  • 100% network uptime.
  • 99% uptime SLA.