Ready for E-Commerce?

Building an e-commerce web site or installing a secure online credit card payment form is quicker an easier than ever. Here are some tips to help get you up and running while covering all of the important bases:

  • Choose your payment gateway provider
    • A payment gateway provider is responsible for transferring a visitors payment details between your website and your bank. We recommend a product called eSelectPlus by Moneris, please visit for more information.
  • Have a hosting discussion
    • When it comes to saving customer information, payment details or order history, you'll want to make a careful decision on where this data is hosted. Be sure that your hosting provider offers a secure hosting environment and backs up your data daily.
  • Secure your website
    • Payment gateway providers will require that your website is secured using an industry-standard secure SSL certificate. In addition to SSL security, ensure restricted access to your website FTP accounts and usernames/passwords associated with your CRM, CMS and/or order management software.
  • Consider options for integrating with existing AR processes
    • Be sure your online transaction processing jives with your existing AR processes. API's exist to integrate online orders with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, and other accounting software pacakages. Options such as batch invoice processing, automatic order reconciliation and easy import/export tools are also worth consideration.