Social Media Management Packages

Package Standard Advanced Pro Premium
Monthly Price
Social Profiles/Platforms 2 3 4+ 4+
Creative Team 2 3 3 4+
Dedicated Account Manager
Social Account Setup
Strategy Consults
Content Curation
Text Content Creation
Graphical Content Creation
Brand Monitoring
Custom Design
Ad Management
Community Management
Video Content Creation
3D Content Creation
Custom Photography
Inbox Monitoring
Automated Monitoring 24/7
Human Monitoring Frequency 6x Daily
Intent Management
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Social Listening
Influencer Outreach
Remote Endorsement
On-Site Endorsement
Non-Compete Ambassadorship
Story Frames/Takeover
Monthly Quotas
Posts 4 8 12 20
Advocacy 1 2 3 5
Product 1 2 3 5
Community 1 2 3 5
E.A.T. 1 2 3 5
Min. Ad Spend 0 0 100 330

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Social Media Services

Any business focused on growth must embrace social media marketing, communication, and interaction. You have enough on your plate, so let our experienced social media management experts handle the disbursement and reinforcement of your brand and message to your target audience. We’ll partner with you to determine which platforms, posts, and marketing strategies will work most efficiently to reach your growth objectives.

Social Media Marketing and Management Services

We are one of Edmonton’s leading social media management companies, and we’ve garnered a reputation for incredible and consistent results thanks to our state-of-the-art social media management services. We work with you to develop a personalized social media marketing service plan that builds brand awareness, connects with your customers, and generates revenue. We work on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others to ensure a widespread reach.

Why You Need Social Media Management

Did you know that nearly 75% of consumers use social media platforms when making purchase decisions? For both the B2C and B2B sectors, social media is a critical touchpoint for outreach, customer loyalty, brand awareness, revenue, and so much more. By trusting our social media management services, your results are guaranteed.

What Our Social Media Services Include

We’re a full-service social media agency, and that means that we have the expertise to handle everything you could need to be successful on social media platforms. Our social media management services are comprehensive and include:

All of our services are geared towards building your business a competitive and inclusive social media marketing strategy. You can engage our services for one, multiple, or all of the following platforms:

While there are a variety of other platforms that you may be interested in, our research and experience with past clients have proven that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest offer our clients the most value, so we specialize in these five. That being said, our social media experienced will determine which platforms are best suited to your social media strategy after an analysis of your industry, consideration of your target audience, and with respect to your personal goals to be sure we target our energies in the most valuable way possible.

What You Can Expect When Taking Advantage of Our Social Media Services

When deciding on any type of service for your business, it’s important that you understand the process and client experience you can expect when working with that service provider. Here is what you can expect when you choose our social media management services:

The Social Media Management Process

  1. Meet your dedicated social media account manager at a first consult and discuss goals
  2. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your current social media presence for a baseline
  3. You receive a custom, data-driven strategy tailored for your industry, customer base, and goals
  4. You see real, tangible results in no time!

An In-Depth Look at Our Social Media Service Features

For a better understanding of exactly what we’ll do to boost your success via social media, take a look at our social media service deliverables:

Original and Engaging Posts

Regularly posting with original content is the easiest way to engage current subscribers, earn new followers, and develop the public image of your brand. We will develop anywhere from 8 to 80 posts for your social media accounts each month.

Custom Images to Attract Attention

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s even more true on social media platforms designed to capture attention with quick glimpses while scrolling various feeds. Among with your social media manager, our top-tier deign team will develop a portfolio of custom images to maximize reach and impact of your posts on all platforms.

Optimized Cover and Profile Photo Design

The cover and profile photos on your social media platforms improve brand awareness and send trust signals to secured and potential customers. For this reason, it’s important that significant thought and analysis is put into your cover and profile designs for maximum optimization.

Social Media Network Set-up and Optimization for Success

For every business new to social media, your specialist will set up your accounts for you, though you’ll always have complete ownership over every account. Our help allows you to launch or improve your social marketing strategy efficiently with optimized settings and exposure.

Brand Reputation Analysis

Your brand’s reputation is the cornerstone of your success. We’ll help you discover your brand’s value and reputation by conducting a thorough investigation of your online presence, including any negative posts or reviews about your business. We’ll supply you with plenty of insightful recommendations to achieve a trusted and positive brand reputation.

Boosted Post Ad Management

Boosted posts expand your reach and improve your visibility, so they’re an important aspect of any successful social media campaign. We will include up to 6 boosted posts in your social media strategy, developed by your very own social media specialist. This part of your campaign is developed with team discussions and audience research for maximum impact.

Social Media Account Audit

Your social media manager will comprehensively audit your social media account to review past posts, user engagement, interactivity (comments/likes/shares) to develop a more effective custom strategy. An audit gives us better insight to your previous activity and success so we can make your new campaign as effective and competitive as possible.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis on social media is just as important as other areas of your business. We’ll deliver incredible insight into the social and online presence of your top competitors via comprehensive competitor analysis and reports. We’ll identify any major weaknesses and opportunities that can be used for an effective campaign.

Data-driven Social Media Strategy Development and Enhancement

Your social media specialist will develop a custom, data-driven social media strategy to make the most of your campaign. We use advanced marketing technology that incorporates both machine learning software and artificial intelligence for a better performing campaign following your custom social media strategy.

An In-Depth Look at Our Social Media Marketing Services

Dedicated Social Media Manager

We’ll assign a dedicated social media manager to act as your partner through your social media optimizations. Their expertise will help your company establish a wider reach, greater engagement, improved brand reputation, increased revenue, and more. They’ll ensure you make the absolute most of your advertising and marketing strategies carried out across various social media platforms.

Daily Social Media Monitoring

To ensure your consistent and continued success, your dedicated expert will monitor your social media accounts daily to stay on top of the performance and interactions regarding your posts. This way, we can adapt to new findings about what works and what doesn’t to guarantee continued growth.

Monthly Consultations

You’ll have the option to meet up with your social media account manager and go over the performance of your social media campaign. You’ll also be informed about recommended improvements and optimizations that can be made to maximize the success of your marketing and advertising strategy.


Along with your consultations, you can access reports of your successes and weaknesses on various platforms. These reports are accurate and transparent to ensure a thorough and honest review of your campaign’s performance.

Advanced Marketing Technology

To perform the best social media services possible, we utilize advanced marketing technology to maximize the effectiveness of our strategies for your social media campaign. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we use industry-specific data to drive better results out of every post.

Optional Social Media Services

If you’re interested in a more aggressive social media strategy, you can request additional social media services such as contests that less subtly drive engagement with new and current subscribers. Contests are one of the most shared posts on social media platforms and can be very successful when handled professionally.

Why You Should Partner with a Social Media Management Agency

Even if you’ve never partnered with social media manager or management company in the past, it isn’t hard to imagine the variety of benefits that a professional social media strategy can have on your business. Here are some of the compelling reasons to partner with a social media service agency:

  1. Industry-leading expertise
  2. Maximization of in-house resources
  3. Use of effective advanced marketing software
  4. Time management
  5. Maximize ROI of social media marketing

An In-Depth Look at The Benefits of a Partnership with a Social Media Management Agency

Industry-Leading Experience

When you work with an experienced social media management company, you receive expert assistance from some of the most talented industry professionals. You gain access to a state-of-the-art team of social media specialists to fast track your success.

Our team not only include social media specialists but copywriters, development teams, and designers that provide a one-stop shop for everything your business needs. From optimized content to attention-grabbing images, we’ll create custom posts for your social media campaign.

Any large-scale social media campaign comes with a steep learning curve. You must research best practices, strategies, and techniques that work for each individual platform you choose. Overseeing your social media is a challenge, and an extensive trial-and-error period with disappointing results can cause business leaders to withdraw their support and funding from an ineffective social media advertising and marketing campaign.

But a company like ours can take over every management responsibility and boost your social media presence through the help of talented and experienced industry experts. By making the smart decision to invest in a professionally managed campaign, your marketing and advertising teams will be able to quickly demonstrate the need for a strong social media presence. This leads to less financial waste and more efficient results.

Maximization of In-House Resources

For all marketing and advertising projects, sticking to your budget is equally important as making every dollar go as far as possible. For the best value, and a significant ROI from social media, you need our proven and trusted social media management services.

Our approach results in a cost and time effective process that develops, launches, and maintains a social media strategy for you. We save you a significant amount of time and effort by developing your strategy, monitoring its success, and preparing your future social media posts for continued success.

With us as your partner, you’ll benefit from a custom social media strategy while eliminating the stress of formulating, launching, optimizing, and managing your campaign in-house. We alleviate the responsibility of creating and maintaining a complex strategy, freeing up your team to focus on other projects for maximum optimization of time and finances.

Use of Advanced Marketing Software

Purchasing marketing automation software yourself is a significant and necessary investment for business who wish to be successful in their online marketing endeavors. Unfortunately, this costly expense cannot be avoided if you wish to do well in today’s digital landscape. That is, unless you partner with a full-service digital marketing agency.

Our social media management services include the utilization of impressive marketing technology that tracks your online presence and the success of online campaigns we run on your behalf. Our software is able to analyze billions of data points to pinpoint key areas for improvement and make recommendations to improve your campaign.

Our software includes advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop actionable suggestions for your social media marketing and advertising. Rather that invest in this considerable expenditure on your own, you gain access to it and its benefits through us.

Time Management

Companies who opt to manage their social media accounts in-house usually assign a dedicated team to the task. Unfortunately for many businesses big and small, internal marketing teams cannot afford to focus on social media marketing and advertising alone and must split their attention between a number of projects.

A partnership with a social media management service gives you freedom to prioritize other marketing projects without neglecting your social media presence. We’ll optimize your strategies on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can focus on other things. By outsourcing your social media management to a skilled social media manager, all those previously financially draining, time-intensive tasks are no longer your responsibility.

Our affordable social media management services are your ticket to a balanced schedule.

Maximize ROI of Social Media Marketing

The entire point of launching a social media campaign with complex marketing strategies is to receive something in return, be it increased sales, improved brand reputation, or wider reach. If your marketing team has limited social media experience, it is difficult to generate real results no matter how much you invest in the project.

That’s where our experienced social media management team comes in.

To maximize your return of investment, choose a social media management agency that has proven results for their past clients – like us. Our clients’ success is our success.

The Cost of Social Media Management and Marketing Services

If you’re curious about the cost of social media management services, consider the following factors that will influence the cost of social media services pricing:

  1. Scope and complexity of strategy
  2. Number of networks and chosen platforms
  3. Agency experience
  4. Ad spend
  5. Current social media presence

We do everything in our power to make our social media management services affordable and valuable for all of our clients, no matter the scale of your campaign.

Why Investing in Professional Social Media Management is Worth It

Even though most marketing teams understand the importance of social media marketing and advertising, it can be a challenge to convince upper decision-makers that social media is worth the investment. Here are the top reasons why investing in professional social media services will benefit your business:

Reach Users More Conveniently

Did you know that nearly 3.5 billion people use some form of social media every day? Facebook alone is such a powerful marketing resource due to its one billion daily users. Social media in all its forms plays a powerful role in our lives and the success of businesses as a result. If your company isn’t taking advantage of this incredible pool of potential leads, you’re missing out on a critical marketing channel.

Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential for building your network and customer base, and social media is the perfect channel for building brand awareness. Your customers can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist, so social media is a valuable tool to get your name out there and establish relationships with current and new subscribers interested in your products or services.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Be establishing a social media presence and actively engaging your customers, they’re much more likely to choose you over a competitor. In the United States, more than half of social media users who follow a brand on a social media platform are loyal to it, and we see similar trends for multi-national companies as well.

Encourage Repeat Business 

By engaging past customers on social media platforms, you can easily encourage repeat purchases. Posts about promotions and sales, new products, and others will drive users and their friends and family to purchase new products and services from you.

Generate Promising Leads

Social media services are not only designed for businesses to reach customers. Social media is a useful tool in the B2B sector as well. Facebook alone has helped more than 40% of B2B marketers attract new clients, and every platform can offer similar results.

A Summary of Our Different Social Media Services

Social Media Management Services

This service manages your social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Social media management can include marketing and advertising services as well.

Social Media Marketing Services

This service builds brand awareness, user engagement, and followers on various social media networks.

Social Media Advertising Services

This service promotes your business on social media platforms. You can drive follow ups, website visits, app downloads, and more by advertising your brand, services, and products.