Which CMS Solution Suits You Best?


If you only want control a couple of pages of your website (your "news" and "specials" pages, for example), we have a lightweight CMS solution for you. Lightweight CMS solutions are easy to use and can be installed at minimal cost. They're custom-built, and perfect for allowing you to make time-critical updates yourself. Another benefit is the reduction of future web site maintenance costs by eliminating the need to enlist us for updates you could otherwise be doing yourself. Most clients choose pages that are likely to change as part of their lightweight CMS solutions.


If your website displays inventory or sells products online, you may prefer a middleweight CMS solution. Middleweight solutions are great for those who want to be hands-on with their product data-entry, pricing, and order management, while leaving the design and less-critical updates up to us. As with all of our CMS solutions, the costs are relatively inexpensive and training is quick and painless.

The Full Enchilada

If you wish to have as much control over your website content as possible, we have enterprise-grade CMS solutions for you.