Examples of Web Apps

Below are a few of our more popular web applications. All web applications by CreoLogic are custom-built, in-house, and are fully customizable.

  • Apps for Time Tracking and Timesheet Applications
    • One of our most popular applications is a time tracking and timesheet tool for on-site labourers. Project tasks are recorded via mobile devices (iPhones, Blackberry's, Androids or iPads), and "pushed" to a central database. Site supervisors, foremen, and administrative users have access to all employee timesheets for performance analytics, cost analysis, and payroll reports. Customers utilizing such tools take advantage of flexibility and customization options as all of our web applications are custom-built, in-house.
  • Apps for Tracking Online Inquiries
    • Online inquiries generated from your website can be overwhelming, often difficult to track. Our online inquiry tracking application helps organize leads and makes follow-ups, tracking, and converting easy. Management can forward or delegate inquiries to one or more departments with a single click. Conversion tracking tools help identify which inquiries turn to sales, and which visitors have been converted to loyal customers. Automated email reports help keep management in the loop with status reports on each inquiry.
  • Project Management Apps
    • One of our more extensive and functional web applications is a proprietary project management tool. With a flexible heirarchy of projects, tasks and users, deletating and managing tasks is easy to do on-the-fly via your mobile device or at your desktop. In-depth reports include overall workload and break down by employee share. Consolidated reports are delivered via email to management when desired. Plug-ins include employee performance incentives, time tracking for billing and automated invoice generation and a client-side login to share reports and reconcile tasks.