Building a Website? Spend Wisely and Annually

Piggy below illustrates our recommended budget allocation for doing business online.

website costs - spend wisely

The Website Budget Cross-Section

It's important that you keep investing in your website, and we recommend the following annual expenditures:


The aesthetic design of your website is important.
We recommend that 30% of your online budget be allocated to the visual design, including any HTML programming, CSS, graphic design, etc.


Meticulously explore new ways to make your website better, like evolving to a responsive or adaptive design.
We recommend that 10% of your online budget be spent on making things (like forms, usability, interaction) better.

Special Functionality

There should be at least one special function on your website, like an online payment form, app or shopping cart.
We recommend that 5% of your online budget be spent on updating and perfecting such functions.

SEO and Conversions

SEO and conversions pertains to the practice of making your website visible in search engines, generating qualified leads, and converting those leads into sales.
We recommend that 20% of your online budget be spent on improving your position in Google search and acquiring quality leads.

Marketing & Lead Generation

A good lead may come from anywhere and everywhere.
We recommend that 10% of your online budget be spent on exploring new avenues and experimenting with different lead sources to find a sweet spot and execute the best online strategy possible.

Social Media

Social media plays an important role in your online success.
We recommend that 15% of your online budget be spent on improving your online reputation, reaching your customers via social media, and building your overall social media presence.

Online Advertising

Online advertising solutions, such as Google AdWords, may be the lifeblood of your online endeavours.
Depending on the maturity of your website, you might want to consider allocating as much as 50% of your online budget towards online advertising. Use conversion tracking tools to properly measure your ROI.

Size Never Matters.

We provide web design services for large corporations as well as small businesses and start-ups. We can accommodate any size and budget, no matter what your company size. Try us.